Thursday, August 6, 2009


I was worried when I started this endeavour that I would have troubles in camp and concerned about the non-riding stuff. Danelle, her staff and the other participants helped me out tremendously and I needn't have worried. This was another situation where most of the participants were blown away that I was able to ride the mileage that I did. Everyone I talked to had someone they knew ho was struggling with something and they all said they were going to tell my story when they saw those people again. Many said they wouldn't be accpting excuses anymore.

Strangely enough I was never that worried about the cycling. Yes it was a huge challenge for me particularly seeing where my rehab started. However, the cycling was in my comfort space and it was simply a question of how far would my body let me go. I was pleasantly surprised to ride 143 km and follow that up the next day with 134 km. My weak leg has actually improved over the week of riding. But learning comes from repitition and how many revolutions are there in 800 kms.

I know that my story is having an impact. I am trying to figure out how to keep that moving forward for others to motivate them to make their own challenges. What's next? I have to convince an employer that I am worth the risk. Next activity is doing the cycle leg of the Vancouver triathlon with a yet-to-be determined relay team.

Oh yeah, currently the fund raising total is about $2,000 with several possible contributions still up in the air. Less than I had hoped for with a $15,000 goal but I still have a few ideas yet.

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