Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day 6 Radium to Kimberley

Well today was 143 km and its a good thing it started out cool and overcast. It still ended hot but allowed me to get some distance in before it warmed up. Breakfast turned out to be eggs benny and fruit salad. Yum. Sorry that was yesterday - losing track. Today's ride had 3,695 feet of elevation gain with most of that climbing up to Kimberley which is at an elevation of just under 1,000 metres. It was a long day of riding taking just over 8 hours to get to camp. Just before town I rode by a place whose fence was all old skis. There must have been thousands of them. Another hot day but it ended with a dip in the river below camp. This was the longest ride I have done post-stroke and was very proud of myself.

Dinner was Greek night with roast potatoes, chicken and pork kabobs and salads. We also had awards night recognizing various accomplishments and faux pas. Danelle gave me an award for having the most wheels, which I think was her way a recognizing my accomplishment of riding 666 kilometres to that point. Just after the awards another storm hit and Sarah git drenched as I had to leave her out of cover. The "bent" group from Oregon set up shop under the shelter at the campsite for a little aperitif and cards. The rain didn't manage to put out the campfire but another day ended about 9:45 pm.

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