Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day 7 Kimberley to Creston

Well our final day started with Greek breakfast. Some people didn't like it but I thought bagels with meat slices and cream cheese was just fine. There was no power down at our campsite so whatever they served had to reflect that. I thought it was great, except for the coffee.

Today's ride still had 2,695 feet of elevation gain but was a net descent for the 134 km. day. The hard about today was the carved rumble strips on the side of the road. Designed to keep slepy drivers from going off the road, they don't leacve a lot of room for a 31" wide trike between the road and the ditch. By the time I got to the lunch stop I was ready to pack it in. Brian said he would drive me but wouldn't be ready for 20 minutes. I decided I would start riding and have him pick me up. Well 20 minutes out from lunch we switched highways and lost the rumble strips so I kept going and waved off the ride. I ended up getting rained on but it was a very warm rain and rode all the way into Creston. Dave was waiting for me at the school so we went to the hotel to change and head to the pub for a well-deserved pint.

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