Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day 5 Golden to Radium Hot Springs

Today was a relatively flat day after Day 4 although we still climbed 2425 feet in elevation. Another hot day ending in the high 30's. However, from camp we got shuttled by bus up to the Hot Springs. Today saw at least 3 Osprey nests on top of telephone poles. Huge nests that apparently they add to each year. Today was also the day for Big Horn sheep as there seems to be a family on the outskirts of town. Today's ride seemed almost easy after 4 days of riding. Starting to get into the groove I guess. We had a severe wind warning and the first of the thunder storms. we managed to get everything pegged down, although a couple of tents looked quite different after the wind blew through. Had a cold soak at the hot pools which felt great on the legs. There was an outdoor performance in Radium tonight which the noise entertained us for awhile. Bed called pretty early though once the rain started.

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