Sunday, November 10, 2013

The inconveniences of being a stroke survivor

One of the results of my stroke has been what is called emotional lability.  Essentially it is a decreased ability to control emotions or the experiencing of emotions that others define as out of proportion to the situation.  I guess that means that when I cry reading a book, I have an excuse.

In an article I read, it says that less than 16% of stroke survivors continue to experience emotional lability more than 2 years post stroke.  Well not only am I more than two years post stroke I guess I am firmly in that 16%.

For some reason, this week has been quite emotionally charged for me.  Certainly hearing the stories of  the children with their new glasses courtesy of the TWECS team in Ecuador has been incredibly uplifting.  The horror stories from the Phillipines  have hit home.  This morning in church we talked about the sacrifices people and families have made in conflicts around the world and part of the service included a very haunting trumpet solo played from the back of the church.  The service had me in tears many times.

During this time of Remembrance I remind myself of how lucky I am to have the family and friends that I have that encouraged me to recover and the health care system that helped me survive so that I am able to feel these things today.  It really is an inconvenience by comparison to the alternative.