Monday, August 3, 2009

Day 4 Revelstoke to Golden

This day was planned for 154 km, however, I only managed 90. We left camp after eggs benny and fruit salad to climb 68 km to the summit of Roger's Pass. The roads were busy because we were on Hwy 1, however, the shoulders are excessively large. I made it to the summit but it took almost 6 hours as I climb kinda of slowly. However, lunch was at the summit and lots of photos were taken. We went through snowsheds going up and down and they were a little exciting with trucks close by. We had our flashers though so we ciould be seen from behind. One of the recumbent riders from Oregon said his thermometer was reading 106 F.

I rode the downhill and across the flats but once we started climbing again I knew I was done for the day. Brian picked me up with one of the ten tonne trucks and we drove in the rest of the way. Brian had to get more water because we ran out and had to buy another 20 large bottles. We arrived in Golden and just after my shower the power in the city went off.

Well we were a tad worried about dinner with no power. However, Dawnelle picked some salty caterers, this woman had already figured it out and delivered a fabulous chicken dinner on time. The mosquitos in Golden were horrendous so after my massage I went and hid in my tent until breakfast.

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