Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tribute to A Non-Survivor

We had our program wrap up lunch today for the North Shore Stroke Recovery Centre. One of the volunteers handed around a brochure recognizing the death of one of our members. I met this gentleman while he was in the hospital after suffering another stroke. He had several over the past 8 years. They were the side affects from a brain tumor. I only met this person once but was very inspired by how he tackled his recovery which unfortunately he has had to do numerous times. When I met him he was training for a triathlon which inspired me tremendously. He was training irregardless of the fact that he might have another stroke at any time. He showed me that the important thing was to keep striving to move forward.

He unfortunately lost his struggle on June 28th but I believe he has left a legacy for all those who met him. To do less than my best would not honor his memory.

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