Tuesday, July 14, 2009

5 Days to go

Well I went out yesterday and bought myself a new tent. In my preparation, I discovered that since I can't balance on my knees, I can't get into my old pup tent without crashing through it. I have to say it doesn't owe me anything since I got it as a high school graduation present. Yes I did say high school. Thirty-four years is pretty good usage. Now if only some of my body parts did that well.

The daughter of a good family friend just finished riding from Vancouver to Tijuana on my old road bike. So I have a standard to reach for. My gear is almost ready and the carying rack apparently is ready for the support vehicle. Now that it is ready I hope I can get through without using it. The 150 km from Revelstoke to Golden might do me in though. The summit of Rogers Pass is 1332 metres after starting the day @ 440 metres elevation. I certainly should sleep well that night at least.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Doug: as usual, you have anticipated every contingency, so now go out there and have some fun. We will be right behind you, "willing" you over those summits, every day. You are doing this for all of us!
    John M.