Sunday, July 5, 2009


Well this past week has been pretty good for training. I've ridden about 215 kilometres over the past week including riding 3 days in a row. I know that seems insignificant when compared to 115 km /per day average that I will be riding in three weeks time (whoops two weeks). The important part though is it is continuing to improve and I am feeling ready for the challenge. I am beginning to feel that my fitness level is more the limiting factor than the abilty of my left leg which is a huge change.

I started this project with the hope of inspiring other stroke survivors to push themselves to improve. I know it has had an impact on some people and I'm sure I will never know who may have benefited from it. I do know that the story has spread and it is my wish that people with challenges will continue to be inspired to a "can do" attitude.

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  1. Hi Doug -

    Diana (Dee) just forwarded me the link to your blog. You ARE an inspiration to people, even to those who haven't experienced a debilitating event, like me. I've always known you as a strong person (inside as well as out), and I can see you're continuing to be that. I greatly admire your fortitude (which includes strength, courage, resilience, guts, staying power, grit, stamina, determination and endurance - I looked up the thesaurus!).

    Take good care, and I look forward to following your progress. Good luck on the ride!!

    Barb Lewko (Marshall)