Friday, April 17, 2009

I received an interesting email yesterday regarding the use of my recumbent trike for triathlon. Although recumbents are considered illegal for the sport of triathlon, I am pleased to say that the Canadian officials in this sport have made the decision to allow me to partipcipate in the Spring Triathlon and see how it goes. This is a sprint distance triathlon which will require a 750 metre swim 20 km bike ride and 5km run ( or walk in my case). Now that I have my approval I guess I have to realize that I will be doing this. I expect it will take me in the neighbourhood of three hours. Now I need to get myself ready I guess. There will be some interesting issues like getting out of the pool and walking without shoes but I'm excited about doing a little of something that I used to do pre-stroke.

It is nice to see people making positive steps towards inclusion. That helps to counteract the cyclist on thursday that called me a cripple because he thought I was in his way when he approached me from behind. I thought of the perfect rebuke except I didn't come up with it until today. What I should have said was "I know what my problem is... apparently you don't know what your's is". Despite that, yesterday was a good day.

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