Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday

I listened to a very thought provoking sermon this morning. Reverend Nancy talked about praying for people living with disabilities and challenges in their lives. My first thought was how does one live with challenges and sudden changes in their lives. I think my personality allows me to approach challenges from a more positive viewpoint. Even though I believe there is much recovery yet to come, I really needed to find a way to participate with things as I recover. But that requires accepting that change has occurred. I was thinking during that sermon that I am very lucky to be able to find ways to continue to participate in the activities that I love. But the biggest part of that is attitude. If you believe that you can do something you will find a way to make it happen.

The reason I am attempting this trip is partly therapeutic for myself to prove to myself I can still do it. But the other reason is to show strokers what is possible. I am not as good good with words to motivate people so actions seems to be a better approach. I'm hoping that strokers will see that if I can do this then maybe walking to the library is within their reach. Maybe being a little less dependent is a possibility. This is about improving quality of life and extending oneself. Believe me this is going to be a stretch for me. Remember, never give up.

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