Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Place at the Table

I was at Mt Seymour United church this morning and listened to a very interesting message as well as a great choir performance. Regardless of the controversy within religious circles, the United church stands proudly and significantly for inclusion of all colors, beliefs, creeds and sexual orientations. Although I have my own beliefs on some things, the church stands and welcomes all to the table. This invitation is often not presented to those with disabilities. Mt Seymour United church in particular needs support to carry on this message. Not everyone believes it is necessary to go to church to display their spirituality and Christian ways of living their lives. I don't deem to be a judge of people on that issue either. I have felt as much spirituality deep into a trail run. However, the movement away from regular attendance at church is challenging the finances of the church. Mt Seymour United delivers a great message that some people need to hear. Think of supporting them as a charitable donation although physical presence and volunteering has virtues all their own. I challenge you to help me help out this valuable organization.

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