Thursday, March 26, 2009

Life's little challenges

Well two weeks ago I was out with my walking group for our Sun Run training. We had been out for about 60 minutes and I managed to find the missing cobble on the cobble stone pathway. I went face first down the slope landing on my two forearms. The good news is my reaction time in my weak arm is improving. The bad news is I snapped the bottom off my fifth metacarpal bone. You'd be amazed how many times those bones in the palm of your hand get used. I now have it splinted but it is very painful at times. I guess if I didn't push it I wouldn't have broken my hand, however, I also wouldn't be getting better.

Today I also realized that the Sun Run is 3.5 weeks away and the bike trip is exactly 3 months after that. Time to get serious about training.

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