Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rewards for Pushing Yourself

I got up this morning to a cold grey sky that looked all the world like rain. I had asked my friend Darcy to go for a bike ride with me but I really didn't want to ride in the rain. Since I committed to being there I headed out the door. At the 8 km mark on the road we found the tiniest bear cub I have ever seen in the wild. I'm sure it was a new born. It's fur looked like it had just been blow dried and combed. The poor little guy looked like he had just woken up to see two very weird looking things on wheels. I'd love to have gotten pictures, however, mama bear had yet to put in an appearance so we made lots of noise and then took off once we had passed him. He was still therte on the return loop which was a little more challenging since it was up hill.

The rest of the return leg we saw two deer at one spot and another bear just 1.5 km from the parking lot. Sometimes mother nature rewards you for following through with the hard stuff.

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